About us

Chocumin by Three mothers chocolate is home to Healthy Guilt free chocolate with Refined Turmeric. 

Our idea is to embody every fantasy and childhood dream of chocolate. With each piece of milk, dark or white containing more antioxidants and health benefits than any other chocolate. You can enjoy chocolate like when you ate chocolate before you knew it was naughty. 

Chocumin offers milk, dark or white chocolate with 33% pure refined curcumin, the active ingredient from the turmeric root. A single piece of delicious Chocumin contains the same amount of curcumin that equals sixty 500mg capsules of turmeric. Each cube has 1000mg of Curcumin. 

This new super chocolate was created in response to popular demand for curcumin, the active ingredient extracted from turmeric. Multiple medical studies have shown that curcumin has impressive multiple health benefits.

So we crafted an easy alternative: one Chocumin piece a day. Chocumin has taken its seriously tasty white, milk and dark chocolate, and added a dash of pepper, Piperine extract, Morninga extract, and cocoa butter perfectly counterpointing the textured Curcumin. 

“I have been waiting for the day chocolate would be healthy and that day has arrived” says Spanish model and UK footballers wife Elvira Iuris. 

“I love the taste and, knowing Chocumin is good for me makes it so much better,” giggles Australian beauty therapist Kristen Parlevleit. 

And the three women behind this chocolate. Who are they? 

Kate Branch from Australia, and Nhi Dinh and Ms Hoa from Vietnam. 

Kate Branch is a university trained photographer.  15 years  in the creative industry gave Kate all the tools she needed for Chocumin to see its branding, marketing, and story told right. All the way to your eyes now ;)  And as a mother of two she gets serious brownie points for owning a chocolate business. 

Nhi Dinh, is a Successful business owner, mother of one and daughter of Vietnamese restauranteurs. Nhi grew up amongst food as their Vietnamese family restaurant seated 1000 people per day. Nhi takes Ms Hoa’s turmeric and turns it into Chcoumin with her secret tasty recipe. 

Ms Hoa was an accountant from Hanoi. Due to an accident during the birth of her first child she became paraplegic. Ms Hoa moved back to the family turmeric farms due to her disability and is not letting her misfortune define her future. Don't forget when you are buying chocumin you are supporting female farmers in Vietnam. 

We would love you to try Chocumin for yourself available on Kickstarter.