About us

Kate, Nhi, and Hoa

Founders of Three Mothers Chocolate 

Chocumin is lovingly created by three mothers Kate, Nhi and Hoa. And when your enjoying Chocumin know that you are supporting a global initiative to empower mothers all over the world. We are based in San Diego, Sydney, and Lâm Đồng Province. Our team includes an amazing paraplegic farm owner who makes the best turmeric in Vietnam. Mums from San Diego and Sydney who feel empowered by making a difference. And amazing people across the globe tasting and sharing our yummy curcumin treat. 

We are very proud of our successful kickstarter campaign. You can check it out here

Kate Branch is based in Sydney and is a university trained photographer and creative. 15 years running her own photography business helped Kate become Chocumin's PR, branding, marketing, web designer and social media girl. Like all start ups you lift you sleeves up and get into it. And as a mother of two she gets serious brownie points for owning a chocolate business. 

Nhi Dinh, is a Successful business owner, mother of one and daughter of Vietnamese restauranteurs. Nhi grew up amongst food as their Vietnamese family restaurant seated 1000 people per day. Nhi takes Ms Hoa’s turmeric and turns it into Chocumin with her secret tasty recipe. 

Ms Hoa was an accountant from Hanoi. Due to an accident during the birth of her first child she became a paraplegic. Ms Hoa moved back to the family turmeric farms due to her disability and is not letting her misfortune define her future. Don't forget when you are buying chocumin you are empowering Hoa and her community. 


Jean-Claude and Graeme

Business analysis and logistics

Jean-Claude and Graeme has had vast business experience. However it is their love of food (and their family asked them) that got them into chocumin. Both avid travellers and foodies in their own right they loved the Chocumin challenge. 



Official US Brand Ambassador for Chocumin

Ashley is based in California and is our American Ambassador. If you live in the US and are working with us you may get to meet bubbly Ashley. Count yourself lucky if  you get one of her signature purple ink thank you notes ;) She will also be helping us with our social media as she speaks emoji beautifully.  

Kristen and Manu

"2017 Face of Chocumin and runners up" 


I love Chocumin because of its health benefits, delicious taste and that it is made by three amazing mothers who have work extremely hard to get where they are and are a great inspiration for all women and men around the world."


Self-love is powerful and I believe a product like Chocumin is an ingredient of self-love because it's putting into your body something made from good intentions and with good stuff."



Designer for Chocumin

Roberto is an art director for AR Design Studio Torino based in Italy. But it was his graphic design experience for Kinder Ferrero that caught the Chocumin girls eye. Roberto worked with Kate on the chocumin product design refining and elegantly creating what you see today.  



Stylist for Chocumin

Amrita has at least 20 years of experience in the Fashion Industry. She has worked around the world but currently resides in Sydney. Her personal experience ranges from the catwalk to camera and film. As a stylist for luxury boutiques she has developed many tricks in creating a refined look tailored for each client. Amrita styled Chocumin beautifully and you will see her amazing work on our instagram.   

The kickstarter community


We also thank all the kickstarter community for allowing us to reach 150% of our financial target to launch Chocumin. What's the point of making healthy chocolate if there is no one to eat it, share it with friends, and have a good time.