What is Curcumin, or Refined Turmeric? 

Refined Turmeric is a part of the ginger family. It is native to southern Asia, requiring temperatures between 20 and 30 °C (68 and 86 °F) and a considerable amount of annual rainfall to thrive. The active ingredient of Tumeric is called Curcumin. It is usually sold as an herbal supplement. 

Kate and Nhi have spent extensive time experimenting with the best way to bring refined turmeric to you. After creating many options (and taste testing them all), they have invented Chocumin - your once-a-day refined turmeric infused piece of chocolate.

Where is it made? 

We lovingly hand make each piece of Chocumin.  Each piece is handmade in a silicon mould and then packed individually in a bespoke food safe wrapper and then sent to you. When your enjoying Chocumin know that you are supporting female farmers in Vietnam.

How much Curcumin is in each piece?

This is an important question. Each piece of delicious handmade Chocumin contains 1000mg of refined turmeric (curcumin). Yes...that's each piece. 

What else is in it? 

First off the dark has 66% cacoa. And for the rest, take a look for yourself. 

How is it distributed? 

We are based in San Diego, Sydney, and Lâm Đồng Province. Our team includes Hoa, a Vietnamese mother and farmer who makes the best turmeric in Vietnam. Nhi a Vietnamese restauranteur -also a mother who creates the chocolate. Kate from Sydney, also a mother who is also director and Co-founder who feel empowered by making a difference. Ashley in California who loves working for the brand. And amazing people across the globe tasting and sharing our yummy refined turmeric treat. (You) 


How long does chocolate last and how do you store it?

  • The shelf life of our Chocumin is one year.
  • Chocolate keeps best between 18-21 degrees Celsius, or 65 -70  degrees Fahrenheit away from direct sunlight, and protected from moisture.
  • If there is a heat wave, when refrigerating or freezing chocolate, make sure it is sealed in an airtight container—refrigerators are very humid. Always thaw frozen chocolate in the refrigerator; if it goes straight from the freezer to room temperature, condensation will form and alter the appearance and texture.
  • Always allow chilled chocolate to come to room temperature before enjoying it; cold chocolate doesn't melt or disperse flavor as nicely.

Thank you www.famelights.com, for all the beautiful images of Chocumin on this website. Based in Bangkok they produce beautiful product photography with flair and style.