Product info

Kate and Nhi have spent extensive time experimenting with the best way to bring Curcumin to you. After creating many options (and taste testing them all), they have invented Chocumin - your once-a-day curcumin infused piece of chocolate.

Each piece of delicious Chocumin contains the same amount of curcumin as eating sixty, 500mg capsules of turmeric. (30 grams, 1.05 oz). 

Not only is Chocumin good for you, it tastes amazing. Eaten alone or with a warm beverage, it’s the perfect healthy way to enjoy eating chocolate whilst also obtaining 1000mg of curcumin in your diet. 

For our Kickstarter campaign, we are offering a sample pack of six chocolates, or a monthly pack of 36 chocolates. If you're a big donor, you'll receive a 12 month supply. Or hey, buy a sample pack with white, milk and dark combination - and see which is your favourite.  

Sampler pack = US$9.00

36 pack = US$54.00

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